Best Embroidery Machines for Home Business

Best Embroidery Machines for Home Business – Reliable and Fast!

Buying the embroidery machine for a home business can be a hectic job when you finally want to start your embroidery home business. With plenty of Small Industrial-scale models available in the market, it becomes confusing, and you do not wish to purchase an embroidery machine that does not suit your business. Also have a look, how to start an embroidery business.

 After carefully analyzing and test some of the top-rated embroidery machines for home business, our experts have made a list for you. You can go through this list to learn which is the suitable embroidery machine for your home business?

There are many factors for buying a good home embroidery machine. What are these factors? And how can you choose from plenty of options available in the market? We will discuss these factors in our post.

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Janome MB-4S

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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000

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Brother SE400 Combination

Brother SE400


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5 Best Embroidery Machines for Home Business in 2022

Here are some of the Best Embroidery machines for home business.

1. Janome MB-4S Four-Needle Embroidery Machine

Janome MB-4S




  • Remote Computer Screen
  • LED Light
  • Built-in Memory
  • On-Board Control
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Dedicated Bobbin winding motor
  • It comes with four different hopes and holders.

Janome MB-4S four-needle Embroidery machine is one of the best embroidery machine for home use. For Starters, the product is available in multi-colors so you can choose what color you want to select. Moreover, Janome MB-4S is made with Metal material which ensures the durability and reliability of this machine.

Not only this, the machine arrives with a Remote computer Screen (RCS) Feature. This feature allows you to set up and control the 65,536 colors. The RCS can control many machines, so you do not have to purchase a separate Screen for each model. This advantage saves a lot of your money.

Moreover, the machine also offers an LED Light that ensures your workspace is lit To efficiently work on your projects. In addition, MB-4S also comes with an onboard sub-control device, and therefore, you can control this amazing embroidery machine without a controller.

Janome MB-4S Four-Needle Embroidery Machine

The machine has 3MB built-in memory, saving up to 1,500,000 stitches or 100 designs. The product also has an automatic thread cutter that easily cuts jump threads, even between letters. This feature saves a lot of your time and workload.

Janome MB-4S is packed with distinctive features. For example, the machine has a dedicated bobbin winding motor, and the quality allows it to wind new bobbins even when the machine is stitching a design.

Last but not least, the machine offers four different types of hopes to make your lettering easy.


  • Easy To use.
  • Quick Set-Up.
  • Good for Lettering.


  • The USB Port may have issues sometimes.

2. Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000




  • 425 Built-in Stitches
  • 13 One-Step Buttonholes
  • 338 Built-in Embroidery Designs.
  • 10 Lettering Fonts with European Characters.
  • It offers up to 4MB of Memory Storage.
  • Real-time PC Connection with Horizon Link.
  • Two Design transfer options via USB and Horizon Link.
  • Automatic Thread Cutter with memory Function.
  • It offers plenty of Essential accessories.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing machine is all the bells and whistles when it comes to the best home embroidery machine. This state-of-the-art embroidery and sewing combo machine has plenty of advanced features to offer to its users.

First of all, Horizon Memory Craft 12000 has 425 built-in stitches. You can choose from various designs of built-in stitches to finish your embroidery and sewing projects. A wide variety of these designs allow you to explore your creative side.

Secondly, the machine offers a built-in needle threader. It is a good treat for all those embroiders who find it very difficult to push the thread from the needle head manually, and this is a time taking and eye-straining task. In addition, this model also has an automatic thread cutter which cuts the thread smoothly.

Thirdly, the machine offers up to 4MB of built-in memory, which means you can upload your embroidery and sewing designs for later use. Moreover, there are 13 different buttonholes in this embroidery machine for shirts, and you can use these one-step buttonholes to create different types of buttons for Ladies, Gents, and Kidswear.

While most of the Embroidery and sewing machines only offer USB Port connectivity for uploading your designs. Janome Horizon Memory Craft comes with USB Port and a Direct PC Connection with Horizon Link. Thus, you can easily upload your patterns with no worries.

Last but not least, this model also has a sizeable colored touchscreen to edit, resize, and recolor your screen. You can preview your designs on the Large LCD Screen before you finally start working on them.


  • Full Intensity Light System
  • Design Editing Features
  • It comes with a User Manual and instructional DVD.


  • You may not get an extra bundle as advertised in the pictures.

3. Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine

Brother SE400 Combination




  • 185 Built-in stitches
  • Eight auto-styled buttonholes
  • 55 alphanumeric characters
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Jam-resistant Drop-in Top Bobbin.
  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • It comes with many accessories.

Brother SE400 combination Computerized Sewing and Quilting stands top of the table for shirt embroidery machines. The product looks small, but it is jam-packed with advanced features.

For Starters, SE400 offers 185 unique built-in stitches. Moreover, there also are eight auto-styled buttonholes and 55 alphanumeric stitches in the machine as well. You can explore your creativity by choosing from these stitches.

Secondly, there is also an Automatic Needle Threader with a drop-in top bobbin in the machine. The automatic needle threader takes care of pushing the thread through the needle head. Whereas, Jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin secures the line from getting jammed into the bobbin. How Continent?

Apart from it, SE400 also presents a Backlit LCD Display to preview your designs before you start your sewing projects. If this is not it, the machine also comes with essential accessories, including a wide table, ten sewing feet, instructional DVD, and more.

In addition, this machine also comes with a 4×4 Embroidery Field area for sewing more extensive projects. Now, you do not have to worry about your small working space working on larger sewing projects.

The Brother Brand offers lifetime technical support via chat and on the phone with this machine. Therefore, you can always contact your customer support if you are facing any issues with the product.


  • Easy to use.
  • Nice Pre-loaded Fonts
  • Self-threading needle


  • The bobbin may have issues sometimes.

4. Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE600




  • 80 built-in sewing designs
  • Six lettering fonts
  • 103 built-in embroidery designs
  • Ten auto-styled buttonholes
  • 3.2 Inch Large Colored Touchscreen
  • 4″ X 4″ Embroidery field
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Jam-resistant Drop-in Top bobbin
  • Design editing features
  • Built-in steps on the display

If you are looking for the Best home embroidery machine, then you can give a shot at Brother Se600 Sewing and Embroidery machine. The machine has a lot to offer than you actually will pay for.

For Starters, SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine offers a wide variety of 80 built-in embroidery designs. You can select different types of embroidery designs and explore your creative side with this machine.

Then there are six embroidery lettering fonts for personalizing your projects. You can use these fonts to finish different types of quilting projects.

Moreover, there is also an automatic needle threader with a jam-resistant drop-in top-bobbin. Threading may become a hectic job, especially if you are already nearsighted, and this is when the automatic needle threader comes in handy. It quickly pushes thread from the needle head while saving a lot of our time and eye strain.

The jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin prevents the thread from getting blocked in the bobbin. So, you do not have to spend hours fixing your bobbin.

Apart from it, the monogramming machine for small businesses also has 103 built-in sewing stitches with ten auto-styled buttonholes. Sewing becomes easy when you have a wide variety of sewing stitches at your service.

Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery machine comes with a 3.2 large colored touch screen. You can preview your sewing and embroidery designs on the LCD screen before selecting your working designs.

If this is not it, SE600 also offers a 4″ X 4″ Embroidery field to work on large projects. The small working place can always be in question when you want to work on larger projects. With SE600 now, you can quickly work on larger projects like home décor, sofas, curtains, and bedsheets.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple to learn
  • It comes with an instructional manual.
  • You can import your design with USB Port.
  • Quiet and smooth sewing.


  • Upper Thread may have issues in the bobbin

5. Janome MB-4N 4 Needle Embroidery Machine

Janome MB-4N




  • Made with Heavy Material
  • It Weighs 69.8 pounds.
  • A place for eight spools of thread
  • Large Colored LCD Display
  • You can access the LCD Buttons with ease.
  • It offers four-needle for embroidery projects.
  • Bright lit working space.
  • Advanced features

If you are looking for a home embroidery business machine, you must choose an industrial scale embroidery machine. Janome MB-4N 4 needle machine is what you should be looking for. The product has plenty of benefiting features to offer for Home Business use.

For starters, Janome MB-4N is made with heavy material and weighs 69.18 Pounds. This feature explains that the machine is made for industrial purposes and to last long.

The right side of the machine has a large colored Screen. The buttons are placed below the LCD Screen. You can preview your design on this colored LCD screen to see how they look in real.

The custom embroidery machine has two USB Ports, and you can upload your designs with the USB Port or connect it with the computer via a cable at the same time.

As the name of the machine suggests, MB-4N offers four needles for quilting. Apart from it, there is a place for eight spools of thread as well. You can get additional colors in the ready position with this feature.

If this is not it, the monogramming machine arrives with plenty of accessories, including five bobbins, a lint brush, a seam ripper, a needle threader, five spool caps, nine spool nets, four screwdrivers (a large one, a small one, offset and a three-sided screwdriver). So you can easily do embroidery on hat with the machine.

Janome MB-4N machine may look complex in structure, but the machine has most advanced features than other home business machines. Once you get hold of its features, you are ready to run your industrial-scale embroidery and sewing machine.


  • Four-color design embroidery machine.
  • Nice built-in fonts.
  • It has Customized screen savers for fun.


  • Thread tension may have some issues in the machine.

Best Embroidery Machines for Home Business Buying Guide

There are few things you should always keep in your mind when purchasing a suitable embroidery machine for your home business to make some good profit. You do not want to end up buying loose-end embroidery machines that refuse to work when a lot of your client orders are in the queue.

Best Embroidery Machines for Home Business Buying Guide
Infographic: Best Embroidery Machines for Home Business Buying Guide


The first thing you should consider when buying your embroidery machine for the home business is the material it is made with. Small industrial-scale embroidery machines are made with metal material to ensure their durability and longevity.

Therefore, you should always ask the brand about the material of the embroidery machine as you do not want a model that keeps breaking and stops working during a project.


Business-scaled embroidery machines are usually heavy, and this is due to the heavy material used in their manufacturing. So, if you can lift your embroidery machine with little effort, it is not worth it.

The standard weight for Home business Embroidery machines is somewhat around 60 pounds. You can always ask the manufacturer about the machine’s weight to ensure it will last longer and will not break during work.

Built-in Designs

Built-in designs are one of the most advanced features of an industrial scale embroidery machine. The more, the better. Some of the embroidery machines offer up to 400 embroidery designs. This feature allows you to be more creative and design such beautiful projects that your client asks for more orders.

Built-in designs come in handy when you want to create a versatile embroidery and sewing project. Therefore, you should always choose a machine that has more built-in patterns.

Automatic Thread Cutter

The automatic Thread Cutter is one of the distinctive features of an embroidery machine. Its job is to smoothly cut the thread that it does not appear in the stitch. Some models have poor Thread Cutters that start eating your brain when working on larger projects.

Therefore, we always recommend our readers choose an embroidery machine that offers a smooth Automatic Thread Cutter.

LCD Screen

An LCD screen is one of the essential features of a business-purpose embroidery machine. You can preview your designs, edit, recolor, resize and crop by looking at them on the screen.

It would be best if you always chose an embroidery machine with a giant colored LCD Screen with design editing features and easy controls. You do not want to look here and there for the button functions as some of these machines are difficult to control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing machine is one of the best sewing machines for small businesses. This machine offers plenty of handful features for sewing small business projects at home.

You can start an embroidery business at home by knowing about the target audience and embroidery market. You must buy a good embroidery machine and find clients for your embroidery work. Once settled, you can successfully run a home-based embroidery business.

You can market your embroidery business by getting in touch with already existing customers in the market. Also, you will have to partner up with other small companies to grow your home bases embroidery business.


Choosing a good business purpose embroidery machine can be challenging, with plenty of options available in the market. Therefore, you should always look for a suitable embroidery machine that best serves your purpose. There are some critical factors to keep in your mind when buying a suitable machine for business purposes. We have discussed each one of these factors above briefly. Now, you know how to buy the best Embroidery machine for home purposes. If you still have any questions, you can ask us in the comment box.

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