How to Quilt with an Embroidery Machine

How to Quilt with an Embroidery Machine   

Using an embroidery machine, you have likely added monograms, names, and designs to clothing and accessories.  Do you know that you can also use an embroidery machine for quilting?  If you send it out to be quilted, an embroidery machine can save you a lot of money and make quilting quicker and easier than with a sewing machine.  A regular sewing machine will not be able to stitch out more intricate quilting patterns than an embroidery machine is going to be able to.  Do you feel intrigued now? Learn how to quilt with an embroidery machine.

Quality Quilting – How Does it Work?

Using small pieces of fabric attached, a quilt is created, arranged to make a much larger piece.  This centuries-old art can be found throughout the world.  Sandwiches are lined with batting material, and a fabric underlayment is placed underneath the top layer.  After stitching the top layer to the bottom layer, the sandwich is finished. Finally, the fabric is sewed around the outside edges to finish the appearance.

Quilting is often used to describe the decorative stitching applied to the quilt after it has been made. That means that fabric can be quilted without having to be pieced together.  Quilting is the process of creating a decorative fabric with a finished blanket-type look and stopping the middle part (the batting) from moving around between the top and bottom layers.

What is Your Quilting Method?

There are several steps involved in the quilting process.  Cutting out the fabric pieces that will make up your quilt’s design is the first thing you need to do. Fabric cutting tools like a Sizzix and a quilt die can cut the pieces by hand (normally with a rotary cutter and mat).


All the pieces must be stitched together next.  Finally, you must stitch precisely!  All the parts need to be sewn together with a consistent seam allowance if you want them to fit properly.

After you have finished assembling the top decorative piece, you will make the sandwich.  It is common for quilters to have their quilts finished by someone with a long arm quilting machine.  As you wrestle with the volume of fabric, it can be difficult to sew a decorative stitch on a huge quilt.

Does an Embroidery Machine Allow You to Quilt?

Definitely!  Now you can know How to quilt with an embroidery machine.

Quilters can benefit greatly from embroidery machines.  When you stitch out quilt blocks on an embroidery machine, you can assemble the quilt in the hoop.  You can also stitch out quilt patterns on the top and bottom decorative pieces before sewing them together. People uses embroidery machines to quilt on hats.

Embroidered and Appliqued Quilt Blocks:

It is possible for a quilt block design to have embroidered or appliqué elements.  Adding embroidery or appliqué designs to a quilt is easy with your embroidery machine.  It was designed for this purpose.  The resulting quilt will feature quite a few different quilt blocks, each with its distinct design element, as many in-the-hoop blocks comprise coordinating imagery. If you want to learn how to How to Applique With an Embroidery Machine, you should check out the detailed article we have covered.

Where Can You Get Embroidery Machines That Perform Continuous Quilting?

The use of an embroidery machine for quilting can also be done by edge-to-edge stitching.  In this case, you finish the quilting process after being assembled.  The top piece is finished, and you’ve pinned the batting, the quilt top, and the quilt bottom together.  Then, you load an embroidery machine with a continuous quilting design and start stitching it through all three quilt layers.  Your quilt will have been hooped, so you will need to inhoop it, rehoop it in a different location, and stitch it out again.

How to Quilt in the Hoop Using Your Embroidery Machine?

Did you know nearly one-third of quilters own an embroidery machine and one-third enlarge their quilt tops by embroidering with thread? There’s much more you can do with your embroidery machine nowadays than just embroider.

You can piece blocks, embellish them with embroidery, and even quilt them right in the hoop with our ‘in the hoop’ quilt designs embroidery machine! You can easily make your beautiful quilt that will impress your friends and family with just a few simple steps

You can easily make your beautiful quilt that will impress your friends and family with just a few simple steps

  • Your embroidery machine must be loaded with the quilt design
  • By pressing a button, your embroidery machine stitches down the batting automatically.
  • After cutting the batting, it is advisable to trim the seams, so there is no batting in the seam, making joining the blocks much easier.
  • Your machine’s hoop needs to be removed, and the batting needs to be trimmed 2 to 3 mm from the stitching. DON’T FOCUS ON ANY OTHER WORK WHILE YOU DO THIS.

Following this, the batting and stabilizer are sewed onto the block fabric.  This process is carried out automatically. The fun begins now! It is here that the applique and decorative stitching are completed.

  • Applique placement lines will be stitched by machine
  • The applique fabric should be placed over the placement line, making sure it is completely covered
  • The applique fabric should be stitched down
  • Try to trim the applique fabric as close to the stitch line as possible
  • After this is done, the machine will stitch all the quilting, satin stitching, and decorative stitches

The machine performs all of the steps above automatically.  You just have to follow the instructions that we provide when something needs to be done, like changing thread colors or adding more applique.  When this happens, it will automatically stop.

How to quilt in the hoop using your embroidery machine

The Quilt is Assembled:

Your quilt will now be assembled once all the blocks have been made on your embroidery machine.  Also provided are all the instructions you need for sewing the blocks together, adding the binding, and stitching the binding and backing together.

What size of your quilt will entirely depend on how many blocks you use and how many borders you add.

You make every block individually in the hoop.  Changing the fabric changes its appearance.  To achieve our look, we used the Bird Pond collection from Tilda.  We include detailed instructions we intend to offer you the best service always and for our designs to be the highest quality in the market.  Design formats other than ART are available.  We also provide EXP for Berninas.  It is available in PES, HU, DU, JEF, LED, VIP, VPP, HD SLT, DTNT, EXTEC, and UIF.  The purchase includes all formats.  Silhouette and Scan n Cut machines can use the provided SVG and FCM files.

Quilted shapes:

Thread-dense embroidery stitches aren’t the only way to create embroidery designs.  Geometric shapes or swirls are also common embroidery designs.  An embroidery machine can easily quilt squares, circles, and hexagons such as those in Eileen’s sampler pillow.  A long-arm quilting machine or hand stitching ends up appearing to be the result.

What are the Differences Between a Quilting Hoop and an Embroidery Hoop?

Hoops of different depths are the main differences between quilting and embroidery hoops. Quilting hoops should have a depth of approximately 3/4 inch to 1 inch. The hoop can accommodate quilt layers that are larger and heavier because of this depth.

There will be only a half-inch depth to embroidery hoops.  Moreover, quilting hoops have slightly rounded edges because thick quilt layers can be accommodated in them.  A needle embroidery hoop has straight edges and is designed to capture a single layer of fabric.

What Is the Best Way to Use a Quilting Hoop?

Using a quilting hoop is easy and will be comfortable for you. Push the needle through the bottom of the hoop with one hand on top.

To form a stitch, you need to position your other hand underneath the needle and push it through to the top.  Most people find it easiest to rest the hoops along their forearms so their hands can work from underneath.  When you’re working on a quilting hoop with a stand, one hand should rest on top of it while the other rests underneath.  When you have finished stitching in the hoop area, loosen the wingnut until the bottom hoop releases.  Insert the bottom hoop to hold the top ring in place after you shift it over the new space.  Turn the wingnut to secure it, and then continue sewing.

Quilting designs for embroidery machines for free:

Embroidery Designs with Stippling Stitch:

  1. Machine embroidery designs for quilting in the hoop (other shapes) for free
  2.  An embroidery design that looks like a quilt block
  3.  Design your quilt frame for free
  4.  Embroidery designs for quilt blocks for free
  5. (Continuous) Free Edge-to-Edge Quilt Patterns
  6.  Strategies for Free and Instructions for Making a Quilt (to Make an Entire Quilt!

You can now learn how to quilt with an embroidery machine!  You will learn how to stitch in every direction!

We should take advantage of all the knowledge here!

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